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YOUR TIMELESSNESS, Composer: Parisa Ghamsari 🇦🇺

Pardis Records / YOUR TIMELESSNESS, Composer: Parisa Ghamsari 🇦🇺

YOUR TIMELESSNESS, Composer: Parisa Ghamsari 🇦🇺

Australian-Iranian Composer and Violin Player, Parisa Ghamsari, has Composed pieces for String Orchestra, Piano-Violin Duo, String Quartet and Piano Solo. She says: You can hear whatever visible; I listen to the world. To me, you can see the present composition with the eyes of your mind as much as you can listen to it thru your ears; this is a common experience for all the pieces of this work; An experience to which, every time, you can listen from a new perspective; and each experience is a window to a new fantasy. To me, each piece is a reminiscence, painful at times, like “Blue As Always” for Golnar, a friend who passed away too soon, yet, is more alive than many of the living beings. Or, the piece “From Afar” which is my personal interpretation of the melodies and poems I liked a lot and I once whispered them with my own expression.  “Your Timelessness” is a mental improvisation with a musical idea, as each new image inspired me to create a new piece.