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Creation Suite Symphony – Amir Pourkhalaji 🇮🇷

Pardis Records / Creation Suite Symphony – Amir Pourkhalaji 🇮🇷

Creation Suite Symphony – Amir Pourkhalaji 🇮🇷

Creation is Collection from Amir Pourkhalaji`s Musical thoughts based on Shahnameh of Fredowsi, Persian Epic Poet. This Collection has been composed
in two Parts Including Human Creation Suite Symphony with Narration of Selected Phrases from the First Section of Shahnameh (1st, Part) and The Battle of Twelve Faces; The last War between Iran and Tooran Including six Symphonic Dances (2nd. Part). This collection presents a  live Performance By Bulgaria-Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra in July 2011 conducted by the Composer in Rousse – Bulgaria


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