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July 2019

Dear Colleagues and music fans, Hello. Hope you are all doing very well. We are happy to send our Newsletter #5 Persian Music Edition. Here we introduce all album released in the past two months. All these albums are available on digital platforms by Pardis Records. We are proud to say the first two albums are produced by Pardis Records.


Suite for Qanoon and String Orchestra | #World #Folk #Concerto #Instrumental

coverThe music of the Orient has been always beset with mysteries; These silent secrets have been latent for their incompatibility with the international standards and did not gain the chance to sparkle. Having employed the themes of Maqam music within the international frames, the present composer strives to put this missing link in the right place.




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In the Distance, For Robab and String Orchestra | #World #Romantic #Instrumental

We are honored to work with Paul Branton again. He says about the album:

A strong motivation for composing this anthology, was my fascination with the immaculate tone of the Robab; which itself inherits the rapturous sound of the Taar and the age-old maturity of the Oud. My intent was to create enough distinction in the form and character of each piece in order to stimulate the listeners’ experience. Nevertheless, each body of work is an opportunity for growth, a constant challenge to an artist’s mind – and this album is no exception.


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In the Realm of Love| #World #Folk #Vocal


Great cooperation of two well known Persian artists: Salar Aghili, one of the best vocalist of Persian music, and Keyvan Kianian who is known for playing the ancient instrument: Tanbour. In this album, they have tried to create ancient songs of Tanbour.





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Without Me| #World #Electropop #Electronic #Rock

Mahyar Alizadeh has been a part of many great Persian music albums. now for the first time, he is releasing an album all by himself. The electronic rock atmosphere is accompanied by great Persian lyrics.



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Gohar-e-Jan | #World #Folk #Vocal #Ensemble

A collection of old songs and ballads well performed by Vahid Taj as Vocal and Salman Salek as Composer and Tar Player. They have performed old Persian Tasnifs (A form of Persian music close to Ballads.) with new arrangements.


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The Sun | #World #Folk #Instrumental #didgeridoo

PILDAM Didgeridoo Band is from the most active and energetic bands of their type. in this album, you can hear the sound of Didgeridoo accompanied by Bass guitar and percussion.




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I Will Say | #World #Fusion #Vocal #Progressive

Nioosh is a Fusion Progressive band. They use many newly invented instruments in their tracks. In this album, you can hear Electric Setar. Rock, Progressive atmosphere is combined with Persian poetry.



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A Moment With Us| #World #Folk #Vocal #Ensemble

A collection of six tracks in forms of Tasnif and Sazo Avaz, which are from the most important forms of Persian Music. Kourosh Shahani in the composer and Amir Asna’ashari the vocallist. We can hear the sound of  Santour and Ney in this album.


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Covertly| #World #Folk #Instrumental #Duet

The two artists have published another album together too. Now in Covertly, there are 9 tracks mostly instrumental. All tracks have a narrative quality. you will hear Santour, Tar, and Oud in these tracks.




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