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April 2019

Dear Colleagues and music fans, Hello. We are happy to send our Newsletter #3. We have included all audio and video released (or available) in April by Pardis Records. Hope you enjoy them.


Under Siege | #World #Folk #Vocal #Persian #Ensemble

Under siegeUnder Siege was a very important musical project for Pardis Records. not only because of the joy of working with some of the best contemporary Iranian musicians: Behzad Abdi (composer) and Mohammad Motamedi (solo vocalist) but also because of working with Khonyagaran Mehr ENsemble (musicians of love and passion) which is a female ensemble. When women are facing many difficulties, for example, they can not be solo singer, the existence of this ensemble can lead to motivation for younger female musicians to follow their dreams and do not give up through limitations.


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There is also the live performance available that you can watch here:


Mimesis | #World #Classical #Instrumental #Symphonic

MIM 1It has been busy days for us, Mimesis is also produced by Pardis Records. The young composer and guitar player now released his third album and has reached to deeper and more mature music. Mahyar Hemati has worked with Ukraine Symphonic Orchestra in this album and for the three guitar Sonatas, he has been the solo player himself.


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The Narration of Isfahan, Vol. 2 | #World #Folk #Instrumental #Solo

The narration of IsfahanIn this project, three different ancient Persian instruments have played Isfahan (A Persian musical mode) these instruments are Kamanche, Tar and Qanun. They have tried to use all their instruments’ capacities and also represent the feeling of Isfahan Mode.


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The last word | #World #Folk #Vocal #Orchestral

The last word The last word is the latest album from Salar Aghili. He is one of the best male vocalist of the traditional Persian music these days. Alireza Daryaei the young talented musician has been the composer and soloist in this album.


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Rahro – The Art of Improvisation | #World #Folk #Instrumental #Improvisation

Az diare aftab Az Diare Aftab means: From Land of Sun. This album is a selection of some Folk Regional music of hot and desert provinces of Iran. These provinces are Kerman, Fars, and Khorasan. All musicians have tried to get close to the authentic folk voicing.


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Rahro – The Art of Improvisation | #World #Folk #Instrumental #Improvisation

Rahro This musical project is a duet of Tar and Tombak. These two instruments have accompanied each other a lot in Persian traditional music. Salman Salek who is known as the reminder of best old Tar players and Majid Alizadeh has played together in Rahro.


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And now, A video album.


Derafshe Kaviani Video Album | #World #Folk #Vocal #Persian #Ensemble #Epic #Ferdowsi (Persian Epic Poet)

Shahram Nazeri well-known Persian Vocalist who has participated in many international events and received many awards including French Legion of Honor and Ferdowsi ensemble has performed one of the greatest mythical stories of Persian literature. The story of Kaveh and Zahak from Shahnameh, By Ferdowsi the great epic poet. You can watch one of the tracks below.