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February 2019

Dear Colleagues and music fans, Hello. We are happy to send our Newsletter#2. here we introduce all music products published (Or available) in February 2019 by Pardis Records.

Here are all our audio products:


Mastam Az … – Single | #World #Pop #Vocal #PersianPop

mastam az...Mastam Az… is the second single track from Arman Garshasbi. He is previously known as the lead singer of the very successful Persian Pop band: Chaartaar. In his solo project, he is following a more personal attitude.



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Symmetry | #World #Fusion #Instrumental #NewAge

Symmetry is an album from two brothers: Arash Abolfathi and Armin Abolfathi. The Play Oud and Setar (Persian Traditional Instruments). They have tried to reach a new sound from the ancient instrument. Mesbah Ghamsari accompanies them as arranger and percussion player.



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Avaazeh Khaan – Single | #World #Pop #Vocal #PersianPop #Band

Chaartaar is a well-known Persian Pop band. They have lots of successful tracks and are still trying to produce good music. In this single is called Avaazeh Khaan meaning singer.



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Good news! We have also released a great Video Album this month.


Lian Band Video Album | #World #Folk #SouthOfIran

Lian Band present music of south of Iran in a marvellous way. At This area, people have a very old tradition of music ceremonies. They have songs for fishing, working on the ship or waiting by the sea. This Album includes 8 Music videos. Hope you enjoy them.



Last but not least, We have a playlist for you on this months newsletter.


Oud Hits Playlist

We have gathered what we believe are the best Oud pieces. Mostly solo or being accompanied by percussion. On this playlist, you oud-hits-3will hear different styles of Oud playing from Iranian musicians.

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