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January 2019

Dear Colleagues and music fans, This is our Newsletter#1. here we introduce all music products published in January 2019 by Pardis Records.

Here are all our audio products released (or available) in January 2019:


Ba Zaboone Madari | #World #pop #Vocal #Lorestan #Lurish

“Ba Zaboone Madari” (In Farsi: Moder Tongue) is a pop album from Lorestan, Iran. All vocals are in Lurish language.  Amir Rahman Khosravi is the singer and Shahin Khosravi is the songwriter and also has played multiple instruments. Main instruments in the album are Guitar, Keyboard and Violin.


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Avaye Behesht – Persian Folk Music | #World #Folk #Instrumental #Solo #Ney

“Avaye Behesht – Persian Folk Music” (In Farsi: Melody from paradise) is a collection of folk melodies from all over Iran. All Tracks are played by Ney instrument and sometimes percussion accompanies the Ney player. Behzad Foroohari plays Ney in this album.


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Pivar – Persian Folk Music | #World #Folk #Vocal #Lorestan

pivar“Pivar – Persian Folk Music” is from a province called kohgiluyeh and boyer-ahmad. in this album you can hear groups singing folk chants in Lori language. The singer is Habibollah Baziar and songwriter of all tracks is Mohammad Saeed Eslaminejad.


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Gol Tenges – Bakhtiari Folk Music | #World #Folk #Vocal #Bakhtiari

“Gol Tenges – Bakhtiari Folk Music” is an album from the ancient tribe of Bakhtiari. Bakhtiari people speak Lurish and had lived in the southwest of Iran for ages. Their music usually celebrates the beauties of nature.


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Shabe Ashegh | #World #pop #Vocal #Vintage

“Shabe Ashegh” means Lover’s Night in Farsi. It is an album by Changiz Habibian. Changiz belongs to the first wave of Persian Pop Music wave after Iran’s revolution 1979.


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Mirshekar – Duo for Sorna & Korna | #World #Folk #Instrument #Duet

“Mirshekar – Duo for Sorna & Korna” is a duet of two very popular traditional Persian instruments. Sorna a woodwind instrument which is accompanied by Korna, Percussion. These two instruments are very commonly played together. They are usually played in ceremonies such as Persian New Year.


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Mehmane To | #World #Traditional Persian #Vocal

“Mehmane To” is a traditional Persian Album by some of the best Iranian Traditional musicians: Jamshid Andalibi as composer and Ney player, Jalal Zolfonoun as Setar player and Alireza Eftekhari as Vocalist. They have performed some of the most beautiful Persian pieces together.


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Jashou | #World #folk #Vocal #South Iran

Jashou is an album from the South of Iran where you can see a very rich and old culture with the presence of music everywhere. Jashou means a worker who works on a ship. there are many chants and songs that Jashous sing together while working.


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Abro Khaar | #World #Folk #vocal #Old Songs

“Abro Khaar” is a selection of Persian old songs and chants accompanying with Santour and Tombak. In this album, Shahram Homayee and Jahangir Kamiyan have performed.


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Khambe Tere Sar Bazenem – Folk Music of Mazandaran | #World #Folk #Vocal #Mazandaran

Khambe tere“Khambe Tere Sar Bazenem – Folk Music of Mazandaran” is folk music from Mazandaran Province in the north part of Iran. They speak with Mazani Dialect. Mohammad Habibinejad is the Vocalist of this album.


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Alast | #World #Metal #Rock #Instrumental

“Alast” is a project from Integran Band. An instrumental Metal Band Based in Iran. Reza Rostamian is the Songwriter and arranger of all tracks and all album has been performed by Integral Band. They have tried to use folk melodies with metal arrangements.


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Ahmad Bakhtiari – Music of Mazandaran | #World #Folk #vocal #Mazandaran

“Ahmad Bakhtiari – Music of Mazandaran”
This album is from best tracks of Ahmad Bakhtiari one of the well-known folk musicians of Mazandaran. All Tracks are recorded in the 80s and lyrics are from folk poems of Mazandaran.


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Tardid – Shomaresh – Shabat Khosh baad, Man Raftam – Divaneh Sho | #World #Folk #Pop #Vocal #Lyric #Persian Ballads #Chants

Well, We are glad to share 4 albums from Ali Tafreshi, Iranian Singer, Songwriter and Kamancheh player. He uses lyrics from well-known Persian poets and looks for a proper arrangement to match them. He follows the technique of best old Persian Vocalists.


Shabat Khosh Baad, Man Raftam

Divaneh Sho




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Paliz 1 | #World #Traditional #Folk #Vocal #Persian #Ensemble

“Paliz 1” is the name of the first album by Paliz Ensemble. Solmaz Badri, Keykhosro Mokhtari and Sattar Khatabi are the main members of Paliz Ensemble. They try to sing old Persian Ballads with new different arrangement and orchestrations.


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Alborz – Single Track | #World #Pop #Vocal #PersianPop

“Alborz” is the latest song of “Hamed Homayoun”, Pop singer.




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To Ke Maroufi | #World #Pop #vocal #PersianPop

“To Ke Maroufi” is the latest single track by EVAN Band.




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Taleba – Music of Mazandaran | #World #Folk #Regional #Vocal #Mazandaran

“Taleba” is a form of storytelling lyric music accompanied by one instrument. It has been very popular since the 80s in the north part of Iran. Abolhasan Khoshroo is the vocalist and Laleva player of this album. Laleva is a Woodwind instrument from north of Iran.


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Shabaji – Folk Music of Mazandaran | #World #Folk #Regional #Vocal

“Shabaji – Folk Music of Mazandaran” is another album by Abolhasan Khoshrou as vocalist and Laleva (Woodwind instrument) player. Babak Khoshrou, Songwriter of this album has tried to gather folk melodies that people used to sing in large groups while working.




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Koohe Sare Kakki – Poetry of Mazandaran | #World #Folk #Regional #Poetry #Mazandaran

“Koohe Sare Kakki – Poetry of Mazandaran” is a collection of Poems of Seyed Mehdi Hasani Tatrastaghi. He also performs as the singer and declaimer in the album. Instruments used in this album are Laleva, Kamancheh and percussion.



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Karemah Shoo – Mazandaran Folk Music | #World #Folk #Regional #Short Story #Mazandaran

“Karemah Shoo – Mazandaran Folk Music” is the narration of a short story written by Ali Talebi.  Ali Talebi is also the declaimer of the story and Mohammad Ebrahim Alami sings in this album. This narration is accompanied by Laleva instrument.


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Majmaolnaz – Single | #World #Pop #Vocal #PersianPop

“Majmaolnaz” is the latest track from the pop singer Amir Azimi.




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